Once again, Pantone has released its prediction for the Color of the Year. Here at Fontana Jeweler, we pay close attention to such news because this color is expected to be the predominant hue for furnishings, cosmetics, clothing and other fashion for the next twelve months. ‰ÛÏMarsala‰Û is the choice for 2015, describing a luxurious dark burgundy color with bronze undertones that lends itself well to both elegant and casual styles. In the jewelry world, this color is best represented by garnets and some varieties of chalcedony. Imagine the vibrant dark-red color of garnets set off by the rich tones of 14k yellow gold, or making a calm statement in cool sterling silver or white gold! Our showcases display a multitude of garnet rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings in classic or contemporary designs.
For example, you can find Joryel Vera‰Ûªs sterling silver collection in our lower-level showroom, renowned for its clean, sweeping lines paired with bold, fresh colors‰ÛÓincluding garnet. Alternatively, the perfect choice for you may be a strand of tumbled garnet beads, or of highly-polished round carnelian beads with their orange-red glow.
When ‰ÛÏMarsala‰Û finds its way into your spring and summer wardrobe, Fontana Jeweler has the jewelry you need to complete the look. Gold or silver link-style statement necklaces give an air of sophistication against a burgundy dress or blouse, while the earth-tones of smoky quartz and pearl evoke impressions of calm confidence. Gems such as spring-green peridot, vivid golden citrine, or dark blue sapphire and topaz can provide a dynamic contrast that applies the perfect final touch to your fashionable new outfit.
Wherever your tastes lie, you need not look beyond your own backyard: Fontana Jeweler is located in the heart of Walworth County, just minutes away from the communities of Lake Geneva and Delavan. Satisfied customers from every part of southeastern Wisconsin can testify that Fontana Jeweler does jewelry better. Call the store directly with any question at 262-275-6363, or stop by to see for yourself any time between 9 and 5, Monday through Saturday year-round.