Our extensive showrooms on Geneva Lake are better than ever with the addition of Gabriel & Co. of New York’s radiant new designs. Gabriel & Co. was founded over twenty-five years ago by two brothers, Jack & Dominick Gabriel, who received their passion and training from their father, a master jeweler. The brothers saw a need in the jewelry world for a fresh vision, one that returns to the essence of why people value jewelry. In their own words, their objective is to “recapture the magic” that causes a ring or necklace to symbolize a special relationship, achievement, or memory for the rest of the wearer’s life. The Gabriel brothers’ philosophy is that each piece should highlight its wearer’s individual beauty, expressing her style with grace and confidence.

To meet that need, Gabriel & Co. have assembled collections that stretch across the entire style spectrum from traditional to cutting-edge. Some incorporate elements of Art Nouveau and Art Deco designs; others subscribe to a modern free-flowing, geometric, or even asymmetric style. The unifying factor in every design is high-quality workmanship. When you try on a hand-crafted Gabriel engagement ring, you’ll be struck by the delicacy and precision of the details. Even the smallest diamonds are subjected to a rigorous selection process by an expert gemologist. Better still, the flexibility of the design options ensures that that your ring will be as unique as your own love story. During your visit to Fontana Jeweler, our associates will assist you with combining all of your favorite details with the perfect center diamond.

In addition to engagement rings and wedding bands, we offer the best of Gabriel & Co.’s fine sterling silver jewelry. Each necklace, ring, or pair of earrings features a glowing array of gemstones such as sapphire, turquoise, ruby, or diamond. Make Gabriel & Co. your first choice for gifts and special treats, found only here at Fontana Jeweler–your source in Walworth County for all your jewelry needs.